Sunday, September 12, 2010

turning 15... something that i did several years ago, but something that kalee did this past Sept. 3rd. 15 woot. so i took her out for a little celebration. you know how i do. first we did this.

which is ride down the stairs on a mattress. lots of fun in case you were wondering. and i hope all you pun lovers just picked up on my usage of the word case in reference to staircases. thank you. then we went to mill and we all know you can't go to mill without going to...
urban outfitters. it wasn't all that urban, but kalee enjoyed it... and she bought a shirt. and i just don't feel cool enough to hang out there. for all you scene kids, paige, you fit right in:) so we walked around for a little and then i took kalee to the MOST awesome place on mill.
which is old town books. 
Then we went to wildflower, then changing hands and we got some goodies, then home to watch a movie and i read kalee's fortune. who is getting a kiss on the eyebrow next wednesday? you'll never know

in conclusion, i know barely anyone reads this, but reach into your soul and fill up your comment box with some love for kalee:)