Sunday, September 12, 2010

turning 15... something that i did several years ago, but something that kalee did this past Sept. 3rd. 15 woot. so i took her out for a little celebration. you know how i do. first we did this.

which is ride down the stairs on a mattress. lots of fun in case you were wondering. and i hope all you pun lovers just picked up on my usage of the word case in reference to staircases. thank you. then we went to mill and we all know you can't go to mill without going to...
urban outfitters. it wasn't all that urban, but kalee enjoyed it... and she bought a shirt. and i just don't feel cool enough to hang out there. for all you scene kids, paige, you fit right in:) so we walked around for a little and then i took kalee to the MOST awesome place on mill.
which is old town books. 
Then we went to wildflower, then changing hands and we got some goodies, then home to watch a movie and i read kalee's fortune. who is getting a kiss on the eyebrow next wednesday? you'll never know

in conclusion, i know barely anyone reads this, but reach into your soul and fill up your comment box with some love for kalee:)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

august 27th - august 29th, i love you because...

...the scenery and green stuff. you know it's what i'm all about.
...the weather. oh and, inventor of phoenix, it wouldn't have killed you to break ground slighty more north.
...checking things out. driving around and checking out the sights... there aren't many as it turns out:) in the rain. too much.
...catching a fly in the fridge... and then in the egg shelf. feeling chilly, little fly? stuff. this isn't really a picture of cooking stuff, but it's a picture of chopping stuff

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I solemnly swear

recently, i have not been the greatest blogger, i have not had much to say or write, i have not cared about much, i have not been the most stable person. even more recently, i have started feeling better, more organized, happy. This post is a post about my summer. i know many of you either don't like these predominantly picture posts or figure there is nothing to say about them. i like these posts, these pictures. pictures alone can express a lot especially when you're not feeling very verbal. it's nice to just feel things sometimes rather than talk about them. this pattern, however, where i only post pictures has come to an end. i think i have a little more to say than i have in the past months. i'm feeling good so it's time to get back to the blog... and maybe someone will even read it. anyway, this was my summer.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

move me

all i can really say is that i dig all this stuff. majorly. sometimes a little perspective can really help you feel better... i feel better:)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

san diego is...

...i was going to say green, but really it's so many colors and i love it. az, you're great, but a little purple wouldn't hurt you.

... sea world. it's not just sea world, but sea world brings back all the wonderful memories and aspirations i had as a kid. sea world is awesome and full of fish and things that can eat me and i'm so happy we went.
...the home of someone i love. this walrus and i bonded. i'm ready to take things to the next level.
... a bit of a trip. the trip both ways was great fun though. on the way back we became intimate friends with 2 other travelers... and one of them flashed us?! don't worry just a little man nipple. unfortunately, i've seen worse driving in tempe.
... a good friend. cheesy right, but speaking of childhood memories and such, my traveling companion just happened to be my childhood friend, jennifer. it's always interesting to watch dolphins standing next to the person you used to play dolphins with in the pool... and mermaids... and we used to dress up my cat.

Friday, March 26, 2010

torches together. hand in hand.

paigey and i met some people yesterday. friendly people. flattering people. lunatics though, all of them. well paige, there really are people in this world that are as fun as we are. hopefully they keep introducing themselves... and telling us we're beautiful:)

Monday, March 15, 2010

um also

so i was just looking through my online mobile picture album and this is what i found. some of these are years old, some of them i have no recollection of, and some will just leave you wondering. there's bound to be someone out there who'll laugh at these.

paranormal activity.
i wish.
playdough cupcake.
scott and scott. i have no idea why i have this picture.

matt borgerson. again, no idea.

lifequest church, jessica speaking!