Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whatchu know about math?

a=angie, s=sierra, j=joy, c=condo.

sooooo.... j+s+a=c

but now... j-s-a+m=c

and m=...


for those of you who don't get it: sierra and angie are leaving and maggie is coming to the condo!

ojai there!

OJAI... you're beautiful and green and flowery and foresty and breezy and temperate and perfect for playing humans v. zombies.

i don't think that heaven will serve roscoe's chicken and waffles. i think that heaven will be MADE of roscoe's chicken and waffles.

ocean= karate, bean dipping, baptisms, cold water, sand, sandcrabs, sand castles, burying people in the sand, fish and chips, and kelp.

our car ride was me, paige, lauren, and cheryl complete with pretzels, a 5 hour race, random questions, meaningless insults, and mewithoutyou... lots of mewithoutyou:)

so the leaders took a few little trips to the ojai circle k and when we looked for interesting things to talk about we were certainly not let down. thank you wendy's man, thank you banging your head into the wendy's menu man, thank you coffee toffee twisted frosty, thank you nice circle k cashier, thank you daniel and liza (i'm sure he 100% accepts my thank you), thank you jeff for booty dancing (?), thank you vanilla dreams, thank you black and white blanket for saving my frozen behind.

there are a million and half more picture on my facebook. check it out.

Friday, June 19, 2009

i went to tokyo

so i didn't go to tokyo, but i did do a lot of stuff. so the next real post is going to be epic (no pun intended).
-yeah girl (all girls weekend)
-vacation bible school
-shelby and austin time
-mewithoutyou concert
-fathers day
pray that i find my usb cord so i can post... and my wallet. stolen.

Friday, June 12, 2009

my week...

Friday, June 5, 2009

To answer my own question...

soo many things i want when i'm 27:

habitat for humanity
live somewhere fun
live with someone fun
write poetry
drive around
help people
love people
take pictures
good music

i want people to touch my life in ways that i'll never forget and i want to be free and be happy and make people laugh and be close to my family.
but there is something that i want more than any of those things...

something so important and beautiful and angry.


-wow. i dug these up after jessica and i were talking about stuff that happened 7 years ago.
-i was feeling old
-the subject changed to whatever
-wow. then it hit me, 'where are we going be 7 years from now?'
-then i was feeling pretty young:)
-the only time your really old i guess is if you have no future (which, ahem, is pretty much never)... time has a way of making us feel fairly small

in 7 years i want [blank].

Thursday, May 28, 2009

goodnight is easier than goodbye

greg laswell
angie dunbar
matt borgerson
sarah corey
scott murray
sickly the cat
tim ward's blog

the reasons things get better:)

Monday, May 25, 2009

i keep asking and asking

Have you seen jennifer's hair?

last night:

-went to epic and had crazy fun
-went to walmart and bought an itrip... and some toilet paper
-paige and i talked about how much we love everything, now! telekinesis and margot and the nuclear so and so's
-paige came over to watch a movie
-i wanted to watch blair witch project
-i wanted to watch maximum overdrive.
-jenn and trent came over
-walked to circle k
-we watched pulse... oh geez the lawrence brothers really?

-paige and i talked about how much we love everything, now! telekinesis and margot and the nuclear so and so's
-nighty night
-oh wait! so jennifer got her long long hair cut a while back and it wasn't quite long enough for locks of love, but they told her to try and send it in to be donated anyway. she was looking through the purse it was in yesterday AND IT'S GONE. what's weird is that it was in a plastic bag and the bag was left behind. that means somebody is running around with a 9 inch blonde ponytail. and i bet they're creepy.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


... is rain. and, when it happens, it's really all that people in arizona talk about. so excuse the cliche az talk for a minute while i say that i love rain. it's lovely and you can take lovely pictures in it and you get a little break from the summer heat and you can sit inside with all the windows and doors open in the dark watching dexter's lab with abbey. kick your feet up, rain. stay a while.

... is my new babies. okay so not the best english there. this is my new 75mm - 300mm lens and my new semi-fisheye macro lens. i've not been able to use them ton yet, but i'm excited to. woo hoo.
p.s. i still love you 18mm - 55mm. your perfect for my semi-fisheye:)

... is everything, now! this is my new favorite band. they played the first set on wednesday in all their bearded glory. the lead singer had a really great voice and the bass and key player danced something fierce. they are all amazing. they are all beautiful. i was smiling the whole time they played. their live performance was fantastic. i love you guys. next time you're in az, i'm totally there.

... is telekinesis. they were sandwiched on wednesday night and were super impressive. the lead singer is the one not wearing plaid in the first picture. he actually plays drum set for the most part, but, honestly, he's such a crazy drummer that i couldn't get any pictures that weren't just massive blur action. he beat the hell out of those drums and graciously thanked us after each song. even with the intense drumming they were pretty low key and they like raccoons which i think is funny. you just don't see people love cute little things anymore. i'm not even sure what this means, but i could totally tell they were from seattle. they were very seattley. they seem really nice and they play really nice.

... is margot and the nuclear so and so's. they performed last on wednesday night and they have a pretty large following actually. i can see why. it was a wine drinking, suitcase bangin' good time.

... is pure monkey business. love you ang.

... is the sheerest madness. it is truly scary what we girls do when bored and surrounded by girly stuff. even scarier is what we'll admit to doing when bored and surrounded by girly stuff.

... bella. this little stinker is my respite and habilitation client at the moment. i've been working with her for about 2 years now. she loves spongebob, eats like a bird, and she cracks me up. we went swimming a ton this week and she had a blast. during the summer i'm pretty much with her constantly so get used to her cute face.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How the days sounds...

the only place she really likes to jump in are places where she can crack her head open. she was a machine today and swallowed her body weight in pool water.

aw. black people.

me: (pointing to abbey) who's this?
lissa: that's abbey!
me: what kind of animal is abbey?
lissa: i think she's a dog.
me: you're right she's a dog.
lissa: yeah i think so.

and the inevitable:) today was fun.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

i love may 3rd - may 9th.

KAILEE... reminds me so much of myself sometimes. she wins coolest kid of my life award. look for kailee cameos this summer. we decided that she's going to be an honorary condo tenant and, actually, she'll probably end up being here more than angie and i anyway.

JENNIFER... is the lovely daughter of my mom's college roommate. we've known eachother forever (since birth, in the womb, it's been a long time). i used to dig up the neighbor's yard with this girl. we used to clean the kitchen floor by flooding it. we made up dances to shania twain on the back wall. what the heck, she's an adult now. and i love her tons and tons.

TV. i feel ashamed to say this but i love television. there have been times in my life where i've watched close to no tv for months on end, but very recently the tv and i have become close friends. even when i started to watch tv a little more i didn't really have many shows that i watched all the time. now i watch: south park, the simpsons, king of the hill, futurama, law and order, lost, the unusuals, my life as a teenage robot, anything on discovery health, the soup, snl, the office, my name is earl, 30 rock, and any programming on giant squids or catfish. i think i just became a statistic.

LILY BOOM BOOM... is angie and sierra's niece. and she's by far the smartest, cutest, funniest little thing. HER top 5 things about our house i think would be abbey, angie, sierra, my kiddie tent that she slept in, and pocahontas. and somewhere else in there are blue and red airheads. what can i say? she's a woman of taste.

MOMs... are a no brainer. their greatness is undeniable and indescribable and perma-apparent. i know so many super moms that have super kids. of course, i have to plug my own super mom (pow) who i love so much. we have our differences, but she's crept into my personality quite a bit and i just laugh thinking how many things she managed to sneak on in. she gave me the crazy goofy style and sense of humor. she gave me the willingness to be flexible and try anything. and she gave me the ability to care about all people all the time even when it's just your job and not always fun. i'm a little biased here, but my mom is the best. p.s. i should give jennifer's mom, holly, crazy credit here too considering she's the one who used to clean up the kitchen patiently while we went to flood the bathroom.

Friday, May 1, 2009

i love april 26th - may 2st

5. GETTING PAID is usually a good time and even though the money disappears pretty quickly, abbey loves riding in the car to drop off my paperwork:)

4. LASAGNA. so we had josh and josh over for group last night and i made lasagna (one vegan and one deliciously cheesy of course). i've been famous for this lasagna for 2 weeks everybody.

3. ANGIE FALLING ASLEEP ON THE COUCH INSTEAD OF DOING HOMEWORK. homework makes angie sleep without fail. usually i find her slumped over with her face pressed against the keyboard. i love it. and i think she loves it too because uhh she does it every night.

2. OUR NEW FRENCH PRESS. about a month or so ago i bought this sweet french press at world market (then they laid me off. woo hoo.) and this week i finally bought coffee for it. so angie and i have been drinking a really extreme amount of coffee... at night. and i work at 5am. BUT rather than losing hours of sleep i prefer to think of this as gaining hours of productivity (and by hours of productivity i mean hours that i can watch south park).

1. GREG LASWELL AND LENKA were awesome. greg laswell, as predicted, was great and rocked the shit. but i hadn't heard anything from lenka before sunday (the show was on monday) and i wasn't sure what to think... let me tell you people, if you listen to their cd and don't like them PLEASE see them live. their live show was excellent and lenka proved to be even cuter than i thought she would be (she's real cute). EVERYONE check out greg laswell and lenka:)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We all live here and we're all pretty cute!