Saturday, May 22, 2010

san diego is...

...i was going to say green, but really it's so many colors and i love it. az, you're great, but a little purple wouldn't hurt you.

... sea world. it's not just sea world, but sea world brings back all the wonderful memories and aspirations i had as a kid. sea world is awesome and full of fish and things that can eat me and i'm so happy we went.
...the home of someone i love. this walrus and i bonded. i'm ready to take things to the next level.
... a bit of a trip. the trip both ways was great fun though. on the way back we became intimate friends with 2 other travelers... and one of them flashed us?! don't worry just a little man nipple. unfortunately, i've seen worse driving in tempe.
... a good friend. cheesy right, but speaking of childhood memories and such, my traveling companion just happened to be my childhood friend, jennifer. it's always interesting to watch dolphins standing next to the person you used to play dolphins with in the pool... and mermaids... and we used to dress up my cat.


Anonymous said...

fun times! and interesting times lol

Jessica said...

sounds like a fun time! i love sea world, i might have even had a dolphin themed room once?