Monday, March 15, 2010

um also

so i was just looking through my online mobile picture album and this is what i found. some of these are years old, some of them i have no recollection of, and some will just leave you wondering. there's bound to be someone out there who'll laugh at these.

paranormal activity.
i wish.
playdough cupcake.
scott and scott. i have no idea why i have this picture.

matt borgerson. again, no idea.

lifequest church, jessica speaking!


Jessica said...

i guess you already know which one is my favorite. blossom is even more fat these days, if you can imagine. i still have that cactus too, so the memory of my lq desk will live on!

Paige Baker said...

Oh btw,
If they ask you for a sign of the Father
Tell them it's movement, movement and repose

Cheryl said...

love these pics. the first one i completely forgot about!

Anonymous said...

love the 'stache!