Sunday, August 29, 2010

august 27th - august 29th, i love you because...

...the scenery and green stuff. you know it's what i'm all about.
...the weather. oh and, inventor of phoenix, it wouldn't have killed you to break ground slighty more north.
...checking things out. driving around and checking out the sights... there aren't many as it turns out:) in the rain. too much.
...catching a fly in the fridge... and then in the egg shelf. feeling chilly, little fly? stuff. this isn't really a picture of cooking stuff, but it's a picture of chopping stuff


Jessica said...

love the scenery pics. :) hate that fly!

Anonymous said...

such good times, thank you for going up with me :). You are such a talented photographer, all of the pics you posted are so pretty..even the fly. haha!